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Link to case details from API


On our website we list the most recent issues (Case) from Clarizen, sorted and filtered from custom parameters.

I'm looking for a way to simply add a button details on our website that will link (hyperlink) to the related case details on Clarizen.


As on writing this question, I have found two ways to see the details of a case, none of the required information in the URL is available from the API.

1) => 2598817 is the "required information"

2) => 181.2598697.282346 is the "required information"


Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



I attached an image named "Untitled.png" that contains all the information I can retreive from your API.

  • here is the result serialized in JSON that is returned when creating an issue :  [{"Id":{"TypeName":"Issue","Value":"03da380f-19ff-4e27-9a97-bc838cb06467"},"Error":null,"Success":true},{"Error":null,"Success":true}] 


Danny Dombrowski Answered

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