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Clarizen API from Salesforce to Clarizen

Our developers are having issues passing through custom durations and start dates. In a little more detail there is a list below:

  1. Setting task start date and due date, along with custom duration. But due to Clarizen functionality the duration is resetting everytime
  2. As these start and due date are now manual, when trying to update project date through api, its producing error
  3. When tried to update the tasks not able to do so, due to their state


Ken Answered

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Hi Ken,

Did you try not specifying all 3 (Start date, Due date, Duration)?

You could specify just the duration (having start date calculated by parent work item and due date by duration), or the start date & duration. The fields you don't specify will not be manually set. 

If you have start or due date in non working days you can use the DurationType to override working days.

Hope this helps,


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