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Uploaded Files - Permissions

I happened to notice that when I go to Add Files to a post, I have the option of relating any uploaded file in the system to the post.  Do I see this because I have admin access or do all users have access to every single file that’s been uploaded into Clarizen?Thanks!!

Ashley Fraschilla Answered

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Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your question!

All users should not have access to every singe file that has been uploaded into Clarizen, but rather users should be able to see files that relate to their role/permission. File visibility is also based on the group/discussion users belong to.

Example: user A is a resource on a task X and uploaded a file on that task, another regular user B is NOT a resource on the same task X (user B does not have Super user permissions or Manager/Project Manager role on this task/project), therefore, user B will not be able to see the uploaded file by user A.

Do you also have Super User permissions? Super User will be able to see all files uploaded into Clarizen, as Super User can perform all project related activities regardless if he/she has a role in the project

Not to confuse between Administrator and Super User. These two roles have different areas of responsibilities. Administrator is responsible for system environment settings, while Super User has “super” rights in the project management area. 

All the best,


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What about controlling access to documents that linked to User objects?  <User>.Files

How can permissions be managed for these documents ?

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