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About Building Project Schedule

About Building Project Schedule

Building a schedule is the process of deciding how to distribute resources between the required work and setting start and due dates of the project work items.

This process is usually performed by the project manager or a person assigned to fulfill the role of the project manager in the context of initially creating the work plan.

Project schedule is usually fine tuned by the project team at later stages of project execution.

To build the project schedule you will need to provide information on:

  • The overall project, its description, date constraints and etc. (see Schedule Project)
  • The individual work items: subprojects, milestones and tasks that need to be completed within the project execution
  • The project team, specifically  people that are actively involved in the project execution


Schedule of any project fulfilled within the organization is impacted by the Organization Calendar.

 For each work item that needs to be fulfilled in the scope of the project you can define:

  • Work item Duration
  • Dependencies (see Managing Dependencies)
  • Work item Constraints (see Advanced Properties to learn about Constraint Type)


If you do not assign resources to a task, the task’s schedule will be driven by its Duration, Constraints, Predecessors and Organization calendar.

Assignment of the resources that are responsible for task execution creates dependency between the task schedule and resource availability and thus can further refine task schedule.

Following information defined for specific resource and for the task itself can affect task schedule:

  • Work
  • Units
  • Work Policy


Use Scheduling view in the Current Project page to view and modify task’s Work. Work and Units of the resources are available in the Resource tab of the right side panel.

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