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Your Role in Clarizen

Your Role in Clarizen

At your organization, you might be doing different types of work in different projects. You may lead a certain project, while be a resource (e.g. consultant) on a different one.  

A Role in Clarizen defines your permissions or, in the other words, defines what you can view and edit during your daily activities. 

You can occupy several roles. In this case a set of your permissions is a sum up from all your roles.

Project-specific Roles

Specific project related roles in Clarizen are determined dynamically on run time and depend on user’s assignments in the project. These roles are:

  • Project manager
  • Resource
  • Reviewer


System-wide Roles

Additionally, there is a set of predefined roles that are assigned to the user directly in their user properties. Usually such roles have system-wide activities.

These roles are assigned to the user directly in his/her Profile (Properties) by the administrator of the system. These roles are:

  • Super User
  • Financial User


How to Set Roles in the User Profile

Administrator can modify these roles by opening the user’s Properties from the Settings>Users page and check the corresponding check boxes.

External User

In addition, you can define a user as an External User in your system. Such user can participate in your projects, but will have limited viewing permissions. To learn more about the External User see What is an External User?.

Administrator can define user as External by opening the user’s Properties from the Settings > Users page and check the External User check box.


User with the email domain different than the organization email domain is set by default to be External user during creation.

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