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Manipulating Shortcuts

Manipulating Shortcuts

You can add a shortcut to a work item in the Work Plan grid of the Current Project view. To do so use the Add Shortcut menu item in the Add Sub command in the grid toolbar or via the right – click context menu.

Upon clicking on the Add Shortcut menu a small form opens allowing the users to search for the work item they want to add as a shortcut within all the projects they are authorized to view.


Following is a convention for type compliance of shortcuts:
- Projects, Milestones, Tasks can be linked as shortcuts to Projects
- Milestones, Tasks can be linked as shortcuts to Milestones
- Tasks can be linked as shortcuts to Tasks

A shortcut added to your work item will be visually marked as a shortcut to distinguish it from the regular work item.

A User can add a shortcut, delete it or use it to navigate to the original work item. 

Delete shortcut unlinks shortcut from the work item. Delete shortcut operation does not affect the original work item.

It is possible to collaborate with the Original work item stakeholders, i.e. it is possible to read and add notes and*posts, and read documents *attached to the original work item.

See  Impact of Deleting Original Work Item to learn how deleting of the original work item can impact your plan.

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