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Setting up Project Specific Rates & Prices

Setting up Project Specific Rates & Prices

In general, project price is calculated using Billing Hourly Rates defined at the Organization and User levels (see Costs and Billing Rates).

In addition Clarizen allows a Financial user to define project specific billing rates and prices, used for calculations of the project prices based on the time tracking reports:

Clarizen Team Answered

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Links are still not updated. Clarizen team - please address this.


chad williams 0 votes

I cannot see "Modified resource job title in specific work item" on the page that's being linked to.

Peter Fjelsten 0 votes

All you need to do is select a work item, go to Misc >> Prices and Rates, and then change the job title for a particular resource.

Josh Santos 0 votes


The links are fixed. Thank you for bring this to our attention.

Boris Krutiy -2 votes


I'm not sure how to manage specific COST RATE for the project. I think the answer is in the second bullet, but the link is not working.

Thank you,


Riccardo Masullo 0 votes

Hello all past and future Clarizen users looking this up... I think I have found (despite not having the links) the answer.

We are a Solution Integrator and work in a number of arrangements with customers.

1. Direct - so we have our charge out rates

2. Through Partners - so we have a discount rate for each partner

For me - I have done the following...

  1. Clarizen Organisation Billing Regular Hourly Rate (Settings -> Global Settings - Cost and Billing Rates) is set to be our most common resource that we utilise (we have 5 resource roles). I have also used the same logic for the Cost Regular Hourly Rate
  2. The for each resource I go into the User Details section ( and for each user:
  • Cost rate per regular hour = "our lights on cost per user" + salary (hourly rate)  this does not change
  • Billing rate per regular hour = I have used our Direct Rate as the default

Now for the Projects...

When I create the project and have created the draft tasks and allocated the resources I then go into one of the views for the Project (Scheduling View for me) but the key here is to open the Resource panel and expand it to full screen. I had then added the columns by clicking on the cog-wheel icon (top left) and then managing columns. I added "Billing Rate per Regular Hour". It should show you the rate for the resources you have set. 

So now when I have a Partner Project - I set the Billing Rate here.

Hope this helps the next person who searches for this topic.

And please point out if I have made any mistakes... I have only just worked this out, so very likely to trip over soon.




Peter O'Halloran 0 votes