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Report that tracks several days worth of data

Is it possible for a report to track several days worth of data and then plot this data to a chart? I would like to make a graph that shows the expected work over the duration of the project vs the actual work that was done each day for the project.

lets assume there is 100 hours of work for 5 days. That means there should be 20 hours of work done a day. This line on the graph would start at 100 hours on day 1 and at day 5 should be at 0 hours. This line will consistently decrease 20 hours each day.

The other line on this graph will represent the actual work that was completed each day. So on day 1 5 hours were completed then a point would be plotted at 95. Day 2 5 more hours were completed so point plotted at 90 on day 2. Day 3 30 hours were completed so day 3 point will be plotted at 60 hours and this goes on til the project is completed.

Is this possible to make a report that can do this? Can reports tell track data over several days?

Ask if you need more clarification.


Keith Pelkey Answered

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Hi Keith,

Please open a support request and ask to enable Burn Down Chart in your account.


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