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Zendesk/Success case status

Could we please have a status on cases, "acknowledged", "awaiting fix" or something like that so as to mark cases as "done in support, awaiting product to fix/implement/whatever" - it's really annoying that cases are just marked as "solved" although they are not solved.

Please differentiate support SLA ("we're done!") from customer view of the status of the case

Peter Fjelsten Answered

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Unfortunately this is a Zendesk limitation, we can't customize the stages. If anything was marked as solved incorrectly, all you need to do is reply to the request/ticket and it will automatically be reset to an open state.

Josh Santos 0 votes

Well, I guess "solved" is OK from the POV of Customer Success but not from the POV of the customer. It's awaiting a fix from Development.

It would just be nice to be able to filter all your requests on "awaits dev fix" so you could follow up once in a while. Currently some awaiting dev fixes are marked as Solved, some as Open in your cases list.

Peter Fjelsten 0 votes


We can set it to On-Hold if you feel that is more appropriate but this is also a case by case scenario. Happy to take this offline if you have specific requests that you are referencing. Send me an email and we can discuss.

Boris Krutiy 0 votes

I agree with Peter.
I have a few tickets that were identified as Bugs and marked as "Solved" although the bug was not resolved. The appropriate status should have been "Bug" / "Bug Pending" or similar. Once the bug was fixed the customer should be notified that the fix was applied, asking the customer to confirm that his problem was indeed resolved. Only then the ticket can be indicated as "Solved".

Similarly, tickets that were categorized as CRs/Enhancement Requests should be closed with a status of "Enhancement Request" but certainly not "Solved".


Arnon Yaffe 0 votes