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Automate Case Team Members According to Related Workitem Followers/Reviewers

I noticed that when working in enhanced security mode a user cannot see a case unless he/she is specifically assigned as a team member on the case.
This becomes quite a pain when each time you create a case that is related to a certain project, the project reviewers cannot see that case unless you explicitly add each one of them as a case team member (manually).

My idea is to automate this process by assigning all the reviewers/followers of a project as team members of any related project case.

With the help of Customer Success Rep, I have created a Custom Workflow Rule that does this, but I think it should be delivered as an out-of-the box feature enabled/disabled by a system setting.

Arnon Yaffe Not planned

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Boris Krutiy
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I have something very similar, I would like to see your workflow rule if you do not mind.

Keith Gibson 1 vote
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