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active milestone counting for stage gate process

I am trying to set up a stage gate format for New product development in Clarizen. The idea is that each project will go through 5 milestones before commercialization, and we will have numerous projects going on simultaneously. I would like to set up a dashboard that shows the active milestone for each project in a table and a bar graph that displays the total number of projects in each milestone. How can this be configured?

Stephen Taylor Answered

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Hi Stephan,

Yes it is possible. You should do that in the reporting module.
You need to select the Milestones as the data set, and filter properly by Milestone that is executable(hence all its predecessors have been completed) and by any other filter that would make sense (specific project type, PM etc.)
Once you do that you should create the chart and put the milestone name as the X-Axis and the number of milestones (which is directly correlated to the number of projects in the Y axis).

I would suggest go here: for additional training on our reporting module.

Good luck!

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