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Email Templates

My team uses the system to implement our time and attendance software for our clients. We use the work plan to track the milestones and tasks that take us through our implementation timeline. I would love to be able to create email templates that can be sent automatically or manually to the client contact as reminders or follow-up for specific tasks.

So for example one of our milestones is to process a payroll; I would love to be able to send an email with a template already created in Clarizen that would have a reminder of the upcoming meeting and certain things the client would need to do to prepare. I'd love to go as far as inserting the date and time automatically into the email based upon what is inputting next to the task. I'd like the option to either set up the email to be sent automatically or if I choose to send it manually. Right now I have to use saved signatures in my Outlook and then have to populate any attachments and specific information such as date or time and the clients name. These templates would streamline this process greatly and be a great tool for alot of clients.

Any questions or further information needed please let me know.

Brian Bihl Answered

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Hi Brian

It is possible to develop something of that sort, and we did for one of our customers. That has not been "productized" as an app yet. I would suggest to contact your CSM with additional details on that solution and how it can be implemented in you Clarizen instance.


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