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More information in the Customizations log

When working with customizations, one of the must frustrating things (especially when you start out), is the extremely poor error log in Clarizen. This makes it very hard to fix your customizations because it's hard, sometimes even impossible (support can attest to this - because they'll have to research log files not available to end users sometimes), because the failing elements/related elements are not there.

Therefore, add much more information to the error log in customizations:
List all elements that a rule is being run on (primary element [case, work item, time sheet, etc.] but also related elements [users, other work items, links {where both ends of the link should be there}])

Error recently showed the related element as "21-sep-15" (no hyperlink). I have no item in Clarizen by this name. It turned out to be a time sheet reported date so I had to build reports to find the problem (and that was after I had bothered support).

In that case, had the error given me, date, user, duration, work items - I would have quickly spotted the problem myself.

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