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Working with profiles is clunky

To set up profiles, you need to be an admin.

As an admin, you will always be should certain fields in the property cards of items.

This makes it really annoying to work with setting up profile because switching profiles top right (under your name) only sort of works for admins - so you need to log out and in again as a different user to see if what the profile actually looks like. (And that is after setting up another user in order to test this)

There is no reason to "force" fields to be visible for admins - you have profiles for that!

Peter Fjelsten Not planned

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Thank you for submitting this feature request, for future reference the request ID is CR-317962.

Danielle Lasirona
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Another issue is when you assign someone to a profile they have to logout and back in for that profile to take effect, even if they change it from the upper right selection it won't work correctly!

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