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Workflow TrackingStatus update Fails

I have created a workflow that creates several subtasks. I don't want these tasks to be active initially so I included the field: $TrackStatus = 'Not Active'

It validates correctly but when the workflow is triggered it fails with the error "Update of field 'TrackStatus' cannot be performed on object ..."

It works fine if I create the task manually and update the Status to ''Not Active"

Any ideas?

Josh Boutwell Answered

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Hi Josh,

I'm not sure if you can update the status to not active with a workflow rule. However you can change the state of the of the workitem to draft.
Please add to the workflow the another action after you are creating the task which is:
Change State --> Draft
I believe you'll have to iterate on the subitems which basically means you'll have to change the Run On to Sub Items.

Let me know if that work for you.

Good luck!

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