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API Triggered Notifications

Is it possible to trigger a pop-up notification for specific users using the REST API?

Josh Boutwell Answered

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As far as I know there is no notification operation in the REST API:

However it would be very easy to build a workflow rule for this. Basically I would create a toggle custom field in a relevant entity (i.e. in a group containing the users to be notified) or at the organization level and a text area custom field for the notification message. Through the REST API I would update the toggle to true and set the message and then had a workflow rule that triggers when the toggle is changed and set to true. In the workflow rule I would execute a notification step iterating through the list of users to be notified with "Run on" (they have to be related to something pre-configured: members of a group, resources of a task, team members of a case...). The workflow rule also has to take care of setting the flag back to false and clear the notification message.


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