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Placeholder Resource Alert

We require all users to enter projects from an existing templates. We are having issues where projects are being marked active with placeholder resources still assigned to tasks.

I would assume that "Task Due Soon Has Assigned Resource without License" would be triggered since the placeholder resource license types are all set to 'None' but it does not.

Are there any suggestions on ways to prevent projects from being active when tasks aren't assigned actual resources?

Tori Meek Answered

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Hi Tori,
You can achieve that with a validation rule and a couple of relation summary custom fields.
1. On the task level define a custom Toggle field, a relation summary of Resources. The formula should be something like: if (isnull($c_resourcersinvalid), false, $c_resourcersinvalid || targetobject.c_placeholderresource)
$c_resourcersinvalid if the custom field on the task level we are defining and c_placeholderresource is a custom field on the user which determines it's a placeholder resource).
2. Similarly define a custom toggle relation summary field on the project level (let's call it 'project has invalid resources') on the Work Items relation, which will be true if any of the work items has the c_resourcersinvalid field value true).
3. Define a validation rule preventing the project state change to active if 'project has invalid resources' is true.

Hope this helps,

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