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Ability to disable completely the Organisation text/Logo in system generated emails

Option 2.2 in Settings allows you to select EITHER the organisational name in text or the logo to be added to the start of system generated emails. There is no option to disable this feature entirely. It would be good if there was such an option.

Rationale: Other than better content control of internally based email correspondence from Clarizen there are occasions where an email action may be added to an interact rule that may send an email to an external contact. Currently the external contact will receive the Organisation name/logo at the start of the email. This is undesirable behaviour.

This is particularly relevant to those interact rules that are applied against cases as these are generally from/to non-Clarizen licensed users and external to the organisation. So a response to an external customer request doesn't read very well when it has the Organisation name/logo at the very start of the email.

The other option is to use the Email Success box in the interact rule (rather than a specific email action) to avoid the sending of the organisational name/logo however this approach doesn't allow you to define the message subject and it adds "Success:" in the subject line. Again not appropriate for some messages.

Suggested Approach: Allow admins to turn off this feature under settings 2.2 completely or selectively turn it off for specific Interact rules (the latter may provide better flexibility).

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Thank you for submitting this feature request, for future references here is the ID - CR-314559

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