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7.6 Actual effort updated from timesheet - Not Respected from Templates

I have the "7.6 Actual effort updated from timesheet" setting set to true (On, Checked) in the system settings. I have created and I am using a Template to create each Project. In the template I have the tasks set to "Actual Effort Updated from Timesheets" to On in each task Property Card. Yet when I create the new project using the template the setting is not On for the tasks in the new project. Why?
This is a significant issue since we definitely want the setting respected during the use of the templates.

Tim Gelette Answered

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Hi Timothy,

Was this template created before or after the setting 7.6 was enabled?

It sounds like the template might've been created before this setting was enabled and the template needs to be updated.

To update the template,
1. create a project with the same template
2. enable the setting 'actual effort updated from timesheets' on the lowest leaf work-item where effort will be reported
3. in the work plan panel, click 'Misc' and click 'Save as Template', then select 'override existing..' and select the same template to override with changes

If this is not the issue, please open up a support case with us so we can have a closer look at what's going on.

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The setting was enabled, the template was updated and tests were done. The setting does not make it to the new project IF the new project is created as a sub-element of an existing project and that existing project does not have the setting enabled. In this case it appears the system respects the Parent setting and forces it to the new sub-element(s). The fix for me was to go back and set all Parent items to have the setting enabled. And to ensure the exist parents have the setting prior to creating sub-elements with the template.

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