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Automatic timesheets creation


Is it possible to automate the creation of timesheets through the Salesforce Integration ? Right now, we have users who usually work on cases/requests from a customer. Once a request is submitted, one or more of our users will work on an "intervention" (which is a custom object we've created). The thing is, after working on that intervention, they'll have to log back in to Clarizen and create a new timesheet entry corresponding to their work.

I'm currently trying to ease their work by automating it, but it doesn't seem to be working. I think the problem comes from the mapping, because it doesn't even sync.

I've used the user's name as a key field and then proceeded to map the rest of the "Intervention" to the Timesheet object.

The issue seems to be coming from the user's name, which is a reference to an object on Clarizen and a basic username on Salesforce. I also suspect the mapping on the workitem to be faulty.

Do you know how I could make this work ?

Amir Hamza Answered

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Hi Amir,

Yes, it is possible to create timesheets via the Salesforce integration. How this is done is very specific to your environment and your current workflows. You'll need to know at what point in the workflow does the timesheet need to get created, who needs to see it (do SF users need to see it too, etc).

As this can get quite complex, the best thing to do would be to work with our Professional Services team to scope this out and build for you.

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