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Range Filter for "Occuring In" a Time period - not linked to start or due dates for tasks

It would be nice to see a filter when running reports that shows the number of hours for a certain task that occurs during a set time period. For instance show all the hours for task occurring between Oct 1 and Oct 31st. (If I used a start or due date to set the range, task occuring during that range that do not start or end during the range would not show up in the report).

To demonstrate: I have a task that is 60 hours long. I want to know how many hours a certain group or skill set has during this week. Obviously 40 of the hours for this task will fall in this weeks 40 hour work week, and 20 will fall in the next week.
The "Occurring In" filter would show me the hours for tasks in this week and would not filter out the 60 hour task just because the due date is in the next week.

JMcDonald Planned

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We have this requirement as well, as it is aligned to Good Acceptable Accounting Practices. Aslso we need Resourses Paln vs Actual utilisation in the time range.

Avnish Bhardwaz 3 votes
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We too need this, but Clarizen tells me that currently its not possible. We are trying to build a forecast report, and as you mention, tasks that do not end in the forecast period simply get excluded right now.

Reshma Pendse 4 votes
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