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Week commending [date] rather than W27 on reports.

For example, if I create a report on Timesheets with Reported Date Grouped by week on the X axis, it currently displays as W23, W24, W25.

I and anyone I share the data too has very little idea what date W23 is relating too and it's confusing to whether it might be FY or Year weeks.

If I was to go back into the Timesheets and look for W24, the calendar doesn't tell me what Week I'm on as the dates are provided in a calendar format. Thing's don't match up!

It would be MUCH more useful to have the W/C [date] e.g. 26/10 rather than W43(e.g) on the reports.

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Thank you for submitting this request. This is already a submitted request. There is currently no ETA for the release. The Change Request ID is CR-259564

Boris Krutiy
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