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Separate Progress Reporting Executable Tasks Permissions and Whether only Active Tasks Receive Progress Report Emails

Setting 12.7 "Include only executable tasks in e-mails" controls both whether progress report e-mails are sent for tasks with predecessors complete but also whether progress report e-mails are sent on Draft Projects vs. Active Projects.

In our organization we do NOT want progress reporting sent on plans still in draft (for obvious reasons) but we would like to allow it to send when predecessors are not fully done at times, it just simplifies our project plans. Since the two settings are tied together we have no way to tell the system what we want.

Can there be a setting just for "Do not send progress reporting e-mails on DRAFT tasks" and then another that handles executability of a task separately?


Nathan Dawson Not planned

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Hi Nathan,

Great idea! I have opened this as a feature request for you. The request number is CR-297964.

Tom Do 0 votes
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