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Entering "Days" in timesheets

When in the "Timehsheets" module, I can not enter more than 24 hours a day against a task, but I can enter multiple days for the same task. My question - What does entering days against a task do to my duration, work or % complete.

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Entering time will not directly impact duration or work. Time typically represents the actual effort on a task, while work is the estimated effort. Duration is the number of days allotted in which to do that work. Reporting time can impact the % completion depending on how your system is configured. As an example, let's say a task has 4 hours of work and you report 2 hours of time. By default the % completion would be 50% if you have "Actual effort reported from timesheet" checked on for that task. You can also over-ride this % if you know that a task is going to be completed early or will require more hours than originally forecasted in the work field.

Josh Santos
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