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4.7 Effort related time display in Systems Setting

Currently 4.7 reads: "Defines whether Work, Actual Effort, Remaining Effort and other duration related fields will be shown in Hours(h) by default. If disabled they will be shown in Days(d)". In our environment 99% of our work is defined in Hours and our Duration is defined in Days.

The proposal would allow 4.7 to be split into 2 options (4.7.1 Work and 4.7.2 Duration). Allowing the system to default the 2 differently
Example of the problem is in a custom action where a project and tasks are automated the duration and work both default to hours and many times the duration is entered incorrectly because they overlook the hours and assume it is days.

Bryan Mumma Not planned

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Thank you for submitting this feature request, for future reference the request ID is - CR-314561

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