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Team / Scrum Board


I have few question on using the board.

  1. How moving tasks on the board affect the % complete (without updating the remaining effort.)
  2. Other than in the board can you see in a work plan that a task is in a specif state on the board (In Progress, Done, etc..)
  3. I set up in the profile few fields to appear in adding new tasks, those appear work when you add a task in the work plan but do not appear when you add task from the team board. Where can you control what fields show up.
  4. What's the use of the Team Board Type pick list field.


Matti Herzberg Answered

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1.) By default the % completion is not impacted. However, you can create a configuration that will automatically change the % complete to whichever value you desire when you move a task to a different column on the board.
2.) You sure can, all you need to do is add the "Team Board State" field as a column.
3.) Unfortunately, you cannot add more fields to the Team Board at this time.
4.) This is used to select whether an item is a Task, Story Board, or Epic. It is purely informational, there is no functionality associated with this field out of the box.

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  1. If a user already enters a value of % complete, can you override this value in a work flow (change the % complete to 100% when they move the task to "done")
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