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Daily Project task Notifications

I would like to set up an alert that identifies all tasks that actual effort exceeds work effort and have this emailed to the project owner at the close of play every day. Results wold be in table format with the following columns of information provided

Project name, project task, estimated work, actual effort, variance.

is there a useful training pack that I can use to help me build this notification?

Tay Dong Answered

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Hi Tay,

Actually it is not an easy customization, and we don't have something similar that you can use as a baseline.
In general you would have to:
1. Create a scheduled work flow on the Project object.
2. Create a Text Area variable.
3. Set the variable/update to RunOn WorkItems of the project.
4. The filter should be based on the ActualEffort vs. Work. (TargetObject.ActualEffort>TargetObject.Work)
5. Every time the criteria passed you would concatenate the to the variable the content (task name, AE, Work...) to the existing variable. In order to have it in table format you need to have it as HTML. Rough example should be: VARIABLE NAME+"<tr><td>"+TargetObject.Name+"</td><td>"+TargetObject.Work+"</td><td>"+TargetObject.ActualEffort+"</td></tr>
6. The last phase would concatenate to this string the project name and other project information and close the html table.

I would suggest reaching out to you Customer Success Manager in order to get more in context recommendations.

Good Luck!

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