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New tasks defaulting to draft instead of active

I am wondering if there is a setting or something that will set any new task added to a project to draft instead of active (an executable if the parent is active) without setting the project to draft. The reason is that currently I have a WR that sends notification to either the resource (or the group if no resource is assigned) when a task becomes executable and even if a resource is assigned when the new task is created, a notification goes to the group instead of the resource. It appears that the WR is firing before the record is updated with the assigned resource.
Any help with this would be appreciated.

Daniel Kelly Answered

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If the parent where you are adding a new task to is in draft, the new tasks will also be in draft. That would be the easy solution. You can also create a rule that will automatically put all new tasks in draft mode. However, this might be confusing to end users if they are not aware of the rule.

Josh Santos
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