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Culcurating effort separately overtime hours from regular hours

Reported hours in a day is automatically calculated in the Timesheet which is shown below a date like below.

Mon 14

10 h

But this includes both overtime hours and regular hours.

To check the time separately, I'd like to see the summation in the following way.

Mon 14
8 h <- This is regular hours

2 h! <- This is overtime hours

Yu Komatsubara Answered

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You can create a report that will separate both overtime and regular hours, but I would recommend meeting with your CSM or PS Consultant to make sure you get the exact report that is needed for your use case.

Josh Santos
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Thank you Josh.

I know the report feature is useful.
We are now checking the overtime and regular hours by filtering by "Reported By" and grouping by "Overtime" and "Reported Date."

I submitted this idea because I do not want to open and switching two windows to input a timesheet: a window to input the timesheet and a window to check the report result. That is some difficult to do on a small laptop.

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