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Last Updated By column updated by user when task was not changed directly

This is a request to change behavior so when any changes are made on the Task, the Last updated by reflects the proper user.

Currently, when a user makes a change on a task, the Last Updated By is updated with the Current User and the Last Updated Date is updated as well. Some changes can cause changed on other work items. For example, if a change on a task modifies the end date that is outside the Project end date, it will modify the Project end date and all sub-tasks within the Projects that are active or on-hold will be modified as well.

This causes a chain reaction that modifies the Last Updated By and Date to the Current User and current date and makes it look like the user is making changes on all tasks when in fact these changes are system generated (though triggered by an action the user did on another task).

Please modify the behavior so that on Task that are directly modified by user will show the User in the Last Updated By but if changes on a task caused changes on other tasks (not directly changed by user), have those update the Last Updated By with 'SYSTEM' or similar so that we can differentiate if this was a user that made a change or a system-based change.

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This Change Request has been submitted. CR-308270

Boris Krutiy
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