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copy/paste of email text containg a URL link to another Clarizen Issue shows up in two Issues

We use Clarizen for Case Management. We create Issues using CA internally and communicate on the Discussion. Many times we take emails and copy/paste the information into the discussion of an issue.

We came across an issue where doing this caused the message, and entire thread of the discussion to show up on two different issues because there was a link to the other issue in the body of the text that was copied.

Use Case: we would like to be able to reference another issue within Clarizen. For example, Support Engineer is working on Issue A. Cannot figure out the problem so sends an internal email to a coworker who responds with a link to Issue B which contains the steps to resolve the problem. Support Engineer does a copy/paste of this email to keep the thread in the context of the issue and the link to Issue B appears on the discussion of Issue A which is fine and acceptable.

The problem is that if you go to Issue B, you now see this discussion thread from Issue A which can be for a completely different customer because the URL link in the discussion created a relational link between the two issues.

I am certain this is a CR to allow for URL links within discussions (of other objects within Clarizen) to stop from creating the relation. Is there a way to do this short of using issue ID instead of URL link?

Via setting on Discussion whether URLs with relations on other objects are automatically created or if a notification could appear prompting the customer whether they want the relation created

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For future reference the request ID is CR-320963.

Danielle Lasirona
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