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How to grant temporary Clarizen access


Clarizen administrators need to enable system setting 1.10 'Grant Temporary Access' and decide if this button is available for 'All Users' or 'Admins only'.




  • If Clarizen Customer Success team needs access to troubleshoot a support request
  • If Clarizen Admins need access to troubleshoot or test configurations




1. Go to 'My Details'

2. Click 'Grant Temporary Access'

*Note - If the 'Grant Temporary Access' button is not available, it may not be available to All Users. In order to enable it for all users, please ask your Clarizen Administrator to enable it according to the setting in the following link...

3. Select accessibility period, click 'OK'

4. Copy generated access link

5. Send link to trusted users


Permanently deleted user Completed

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