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Document publisher for multiple projects instead of 1


I would like to create a series of published documents to support our invoicing process. I have created the template and it works one a per project basis but this is time consuming.

What I want is to select multiple projects simultaneously and run the custom action Publish Document. It only works for 1 project at the time.

Is there a way to run it across multiple projects?

I have looked at running it in a workflow but can't see an appropriate function. An alternative would be to run it at the parent level, but how would I get a page-skip for every project?




Michael van Haastrecht Answered

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This would be a fantastic feature for us to use also. Thanks for posting, I'm eager for an answer.

Mmccarthy 0 votes
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Hi Michael,


The document publisher can support multiple projects as long as they under one parent, and it makes sense as program level reporting (for example: I want all open tasks across my projects). In order to do so you need to change the relation link you are working on from WorkItems to AllWorkItems.

However if you want to it to run on multiple projects I would say the best and easiest method would be to use schedule workflow rule to iterate between the different projects and generate the report separately.

I'm attaching 3 page document (in screenshot, as I cannot technically attach a PDF) describes how to implement this.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.





Tamir Avital 1 vote
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