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Cumulative Revenue Reports

I'd like to generate a report that plots the revenue against time for a project, or group of projects. I'd like the revenue to be cumulative, i.e. starts at 0, and then increases to the projects total revenue.

For tasks that are complete, it should use the Actual Revenue, and for uncompleted tasks it should use the Expected Revenue.

I've tried a report that plots the Due Date and Revenue of a Project sub-items, but this doesn't plot the cumulative revenue.

Could you give me some guidance on how to achieve this? It sounds like a pretty standard thing to want to do.

Andrew Miller Answered

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I would recommend speaking to your CSM or PS Consultant regarding this as it will probably require using custom fields. Try to avoid mixing Actual Revenue and Expected Revenue since the result might be misleading (you are intermixing actuals with estimates).

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