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REST API (version 2) - Obtaining PickList / Multipick List Values

Hey Guys,


We have created a bespoke field (C_HodderEducationService) which is defined as a Multi Picklist. Now I'm creating a HTML form  outside of Clarizen, and using the RESTful API (v2) I want to pull down all the possible available values of C_HodderEducationService. I see there is the describeMetadata method, but i only received the following JSON from that reply when hitting for EnhancedRequests:

          "referencedEntities": [
          "name": "C_HodderEducationService",
          "type": "MultiPickList",
          "presentationType": "MultiPickList",
          "label": "Hodder Education Service",
          "system": false,
          "calculated": false,
          "nullable": true,
          "createOnly": false,
          "updateable": true,
          "internal": false,
          "custom": true,
          "visible": true,
          "decimalPlaces": 0,
          "filterable": true,
          "sortable": false,
          "_type": "EntityFieldDescription"



Gareth Bradley Answered

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You have to use the Describe Entities method with your picklist type (the one that you find in the "Class API Name" field of the Picklist edit page):


This returns all picklist values:


"entityDescriptions": [
"pickups": [
"value": "value1",
"displayValue": "value1",
"description": "value1",
"color": "#999999"
"value": "value2",
"displayValue": "value2",
"description": "value2",
"color": "#FF0000"
"value": "value3",
"displayValue": "value3",
"description": "value3",
"color": "#FF9900"
"customizable": true,
"typeName": "C_EnhancementRequestHodderEducationService",
"validStates": [],
"label": "Hodder Education Service",
"labelPlural": "",
"displayField": "Name"

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