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In Project Video/Voice Calls

Talking with colleagues we discussed the benefit of being able within Clairzen to schedule meetings (clarizen and non clarizen users) and hold video/voice collaborative meetings.


  • Schedule calendar invites from Clarizen to anyone (could be scaled back to users only e.g. include social and email user)
  • Hold in project voice/video with the ability to share screen (google hangout etc)
  • Capture the meeting by recording. Options here: store in clarizen for a fixed short period to enable the PM and others to review and make any minutes. The ability of the PM to store the file within their organisations systems. Clarizen to translate convert the audio to text file, like having an admin person taking minutes and notes.
  • The ability for the PM to live update clarizen to update, add tasks, cases etc


  • Increased collaboration within Clarizen
  • Increased stake holder buy in to the project
  • PM and team working in a single tool/environment
  • Reduce geographic or phyiscal barriers to meetings
  • Increase productivity

I know that voice/video calls and screen sharing can be done using other tools, but this would contain this within a project. 


Views of there's and Clarizen welcome.

Paul Holland-Crump Not planned

Official comment


Thank you for submitting this feature request. For future reference the request ID is CR-334260.

Danielle Lasirona
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Moving to "Share Your Ideas & Suggestions"

Very well thought out request! We will get a request number for you soon.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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