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Splitting a single task over a number of days


In order to plan our resources within projects for our IT team (with various skill sets/groups), we need to be able to split a single task over a number different days:  e.g. task 1 total man days = 5, wk1 2 days, wk2 1 day and wk3 2 days

Desired solution:

A simple function like MS Project to split a task and allocate resource to each day(s).


Is this possible?

Paul Holland-Crump Planned

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This is a key feature that is currently deep under development. If you have a Sandbox, you can enable this feature (called time phase planning) in Clarizen Labs right now to get a sneak peak of how it will work. The current ETA for it to be available to all customers on production is late summer. 

What you can do today is split a task into subtasks for each time period in which the daily load has to change.

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