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Seeking help accessing project customers using document publisher

I am using the document publisher and I have created a workitem document template to be ran at a project level.  I want to display the customer name associated with the project but I am running into issues with this.  I have found several documents suggesting that the appropriate link to use in order to find the customer(s) on a project is with "Project Customer Link", with the API name "CustomerLink".


I believe the syntax I should be using to pull this information is the following:

the reference field: {!field=Project.CustomerLink !relationfield=Entity}


I feel pretty confident this is correct from the documentation, but I get the error Error:

Entity 'Project' does not contain the field 'customerlink' (InvalidField)
Reference Id: 1gukuaIr3sAuRxyAZXlFGq


Can someone advise what my reference syntax should be to link my project to their customer in the document publisher?

Jon Beckman Answered

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I think this post can be disregarded.  I am noticing some of the document publisher docx templates I've put together previously are using the "CustomerLink".  I found a .pptx template example file that shows how related fields are referenced in powerpoint and it is different than the formatting used when creating .docx templates.  I haven't tested this yet, and it will likely be some time before I make it back to the documentation I was working on, but I am pretty confident this error is being caused by my use of incorrect formatting of the reference field.

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