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Averaging in a Custom Field or Accessing report highlights in workflows

Hoping someone else has run into this need - in our system I've got a calculated value field setup called "Business value score" that is calculated based on the answers to a series of questions that determine our IT Prioritization Matrix so that we have a defined business value to prioritize with for the hundreds of active IT requests we have.  I want to get the "average" of all business value scores and the Min / Max.  That way when we score a request in the workflow that sends an email with the score results it can give the user an idea of where their request falls in the overall current priority. 

So for example if the business value score is a 40, and the current avg score is 33 and the max is 75 and the min is 10 that would give the user a better idea of how quickly their item will get worked.  I've got the min/max/avg in a dashboard report with highlights but I can't seem to access the report itself from a workflow on the "Request" level.

Nathan Dawson Answered

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You can create a custom field at the org level and workflow rules that will keep a running total of a custom value, do the same for a running total of the count of records, and then have a formulaic field that divides the total by the number of records for an average. It will require multiple rules and I would recommend working with your PS consultant to get this configured.

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