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Validation rule on $Priority work item, restrict valid input

Hi, I am trying to create a validation rule at the Work Item level that restricts the value in the Priority field to be between 1 and 10 or any other integer value range. I have input the following to

Settings->Configure->Work Item->Validation Rules:

Rule Name: PriorityValidation
Run Time: Every Time a Record is created or edited
Evaluation Criteria: ($Priority >= 1) && ($Priority <= 1000)
Error Message: Please enter 1 to 10

Rule is enabled.

This would seem correct to me but it will still allow me to enter values like 11 and 0. If I enter a value like 5 then it errors and sends me the error message I have input to the rule. Screenshot attached.

If anyone can assist that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Andrew Soames Answered

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I believe I have managed to work this out myself - just add the following:

Not(($Priority > 0) && ($Priority < 11))

So a basic logic error - please do try this out if you find it useful...

Andrew Soames 0 votes
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Hi Andrew,


You got it correctly! In order to validation rule to comply you need to pass the evaluation criteria (IF Eval=TRUE). In addition as best practice you want the validation rule would fire only when it's need to for performance optimization and therefore I would add the evaluation criteria - (isChanged($Priority) || isNew())


Good luck!


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