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I think, the only area that might need a bit of time to evolve is the reporting. Sometimes I find it a bit difficult to get complex information out of the system. The data is there, but using the built in functions it gets a little tricky to deliver information in a format we want. The reporting module works alright if you would like to report on one entity only (e.g. projects and its metadata) but shows limitations if you would like to include related information (e.g. projects and work items and also timesheet entries). The built in Excel downloadable reports give a wide variety of exports but these are generic reports and you can’t amend them so even if you need one additional field in a pre-defined Excel report you have to create your own report. I know that with the Excel Add-in we would be able to amend and create all kind of fancy reports but $85 per month for this add-in looks a bit expensive compared to the licence fees. I also know that we could use Clarizen professional days to get the reports created for us. I hope the functionality provided by the excel add-in sooner or later will appear as built in functionality.

Adam Knauz Answered

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The reporting system is constantly evolving and becoming more powerful. Reports and Dashboards today are light-years ahead of where they were 12 months ago and will continue to have more functionality and capabilities in the future. I'm not sure if it will ever get to the level of what you can do with the Excel Add-in (which is an amazing tool), but will continue to eliminate the need for the Add-in for a greater percentage of our customers. 

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