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Billable Utilization PS Reports

Billable Utilization report
Shows billable utilization percentage per user and per team (by groups) for a specified span of time (this week, last week, month, quarter, etc.)

• User Name
• % Billable Utilization*

*Billable Utilization = Available Working Time (AWT) / time logged to Billable projects
• AWT = the open office hours for the subsidiary (country) for the selected time period. Should take into account public holidays which are set in the calendar for the Country Group
• Time logged to billable projects should exclude time logged to "non billable" projects. This can be done by portfolio or maybe some flag we set on the project? We cannot assume that a project with 0 revenue is "non billable" because our sales team sometimes gives stuff away, so we have to count that as billable utilization with 0 revenue.
• Complicating this a bit is that some countries don't have a 40 hour work week. Don't need to address that now, but something to think about in the weeks to come.
• Roll up users of a team up an overall team Billable Utilization, according to the hierarchy in the Groups for the teams.

We will also need to add a "Total Utilization" column to this report later on.
• This is similar to Billable Utilization, but some projects will count toward total Utilization, but not to Billable utilization. All projects that count toward Billable utilization count toward Total Utilization. This is lower priority, but to be considered when we design the Billable Utilization report.

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For future reference the request ID is CR-267358

Danielle Lasirona
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What other options are available to assist PS teams with tracking billable utilization?  This request is certainly valid for all Professional Services or Consulting organizations who use Clarizen, in absence of another alternative.

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