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View Differences for Same Project

Basically, my colleague and I are looking at the same project through a Single Column View and the Executable Toggle columns are showing on her screen but not on mine. Shouldn't our views be the same? Is there something I need to click on to get it? We also don't want our users seeing this column as it may confuse them.
Thank you for your help.
Screenshot #1
Inline image 2
Screenshot #2
Pam Dye Answered

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I can't see the first image, but some things to check would be if there are any sorts and filters applied to either of the views (users can apply their own sorts/filters on top of views). That will make the project look different even if both users are on the exact same view.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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Cant see the first image, but each user is allowed to set their own filters and views of each project. They also have the options to save as their default. Make sure your Project view is the same

An Clarizen Admin may have the option to set permission on the different type of views a User can see. 

Devin Marell 1 vote
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