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Workflow option to: Delete Item - Calendar Exception

Currently it is only possible to CREATE a Calendar Exception via a Workflow rule. 

It would be great to be able to be able to also DELETE a Calendar Exception via a Workflow rule. 

Background: I have an export and import custom job from our HRM system (which is used for absence booking) to create calendar exceptions within Clarizen. I use workflow rules to create Calendar Exception as lack of an official API.

However, if a user then cancels their holiday, it is currently not possible to cancel Calendar Exceptions via a workflow rule. 

Darren Not planned

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At the top of the Clarizen Success Screen you should see Submit a request. Submit the request for this functionality and you will receive a ticket number. 

Devin Marell 1 vote
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Hello Mustafa,

There are no updates regarding this feature request at this time. Would you like me to add your organization to the list of requesters for this feature?

Roland Pumputis 0 votes
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Yes please. My company and I will be very glad about this feature. Out whole holiday structure is built on top of calendar exceptions.

You should definitely allow CRUD operations for every entity via API.

Since we are implementing lots of custom logics, and some processes can be differentiating from company to company,
and clarizen's UI functionality is limited, most of the time we need to realize most stuff via API and with custom coding.

Thats why creating, updating or deleting any element via API is of very importance for all Clarizen advanced users.

Mustafa Kipergil 2 votes
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