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CZQL to find Milestones that I follow

I'm trying to use the CZQL to create a list of Milestones to the below specification.

- Milestone's I'm following (my projects or one's I am interested in)

- Not State = Closed

- DueDate > Today

At the moment I've got: 

SELECT Name, Project.Name, DueDate, TrackStatus FROM Milestone WHERE State <> "Complete" AND DueDate < 2016-06-02.

The date I can drive as a query variable to get Now.

Is there a way in filtering those that I am following or is it not possible? 



Darren Answered

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Hi Chris,

Please check this post in the forum. I believe you'll find it useful.

Basically you'll need to retrieve relevant milestone and then check if you follow them, as follow information may be implicit.

Hope this helps,


Ophir Kenig 1 vote
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