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Project "Save As" (this is a good idea! Please read me)


I know I can create a template based off a project and then use that template as a basis to create a new project. Templates, in my opinion, are to be used over and over to save project creation work.

I would like an option to take a project and do a "Save As" because the new project I am trying to create is not going to be a repeatable event (as a template would be). I have Project A and we want to now create Project B by Saving Project A as Project B. This way I don't have to create a template of Project A, create Project B using the Project A template and then delete the Project A template.

Laurie Harper Answered

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A workaround worth trying. Copy Project( Control-C) then rename it as Project B. Select Project B, go to Utilities and Detach it from this project.

That will save a copy of the project with a different name. Hope this helps. 

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