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Actual effort calculation in Clarizen from the timesheet

What are the correct 'Settings'  (Work Item Management settings?) so that actual effort entered in a time sheet rolls up to the project task and deducts remaining work automatically?

We believe that we had this working in our environment but many/several settings have changed during our implementation and we cannot seem to find the right combination of settings to enable this again.

Thanks in advance...

Mike Rogers Answered

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We also have Actual Effort being updated from timesheet submission.  As far as I am aware it is only 7.6 (Work Management Settings - Actual effort updated from timesheet) that needs to be set for this to happen.

We actually are not reporting against the tasks within the project work plan so may have other settings that have been changed also, but That one is the only one that determines whether timesheet submission or work plan %complete determines actual effort. 

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