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Dashboard Widget and Drilldowns

I created dashboard and shared it with my partners via the widget. The dashboard has an overall view of the highlights, when you click on any given metric on it, it takes you to the detailed report. However, this drill-down does not work on the dashboard widget. When my partners click on it, it takes them to a Clarizen login page.

I am assuming that is because the detailed report has not been shared. How do i allow my partners to drill down into the detailed reports from the dashboard without providing them a separate widget for each detailed report (i have 12 detailed reports behind the dashboard)?


Umesh Shah Answered

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The read-only widget does not allow for this detailed view. If they do not have a Clarizen account, I believe you will have to find an alternative method (scheduled report, etc.)

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@Guy that is not entirely accurate. I can share a widget of the detailed report which shows the details behind it and that IS a read-only widget. What i want is to allow the user to gro from the dashboard read-only widget to the report read-only widget by clicking on the dashboard. 

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