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Custom Recycle Bin

Standard Recycle Bin in Clarizen holds deleted tasks for 45 days. If you require to hold deleted tasks for longer or need a different process to view deleted tasks, we found a workaround in Clarizen.

1. Create a validation rule to block users to delete tasks on active projects unless the user is an admin.

2. Create a Project to hold deleted tasks. Example Name: "Move to Delete Tasks Recycle Bin"

3. Assign Project Managers as Managers on this project.

4. PMs now can select the tasks they would like to delete and move these to this project.

5. This allows PMs to keep their projects clean and Admin can review the tasks deleted on active projects don't have any financial activity completed or any other compliance issue.

6. Admin can retain tasks for whatever duration required and delete tasks as appropriate.

Avnish Bhardwaz Answered

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