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Warning when deactivating user with special permissions


We noticed that, when trying to disable users that have

- Financial Permissions

- Super User role

- Admin role

- all of the above, 

they're not really deactivated until we remove those special permissions directly from their profile. The issue is that, when you click on "deactivate user", there is, first, a form asking for your confirmation and then you get a green pop-up notification with "Operation Successful" written in it, when in fact the user is still active ! 

It might be a good idea to have a warning/error message in this case, so that those in charge of deactivating users know what needs to be done !

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Patrick Lartigau Answered

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Hi Amir, did you put in a support ticket about this? I definitely think the message should be changed in this scenario.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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